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Hello again RNMike, Great minds do think alike! It makes me very happy to hear that you are so happy with your new Athlon scope. My very first impression was the same as yours…I thought somebody screwed up and put a $1600.00 scope in my box by accident! :)  And you better believe I wasn’t about to correct their mistake! :)  But like you, even though the Athlon side focus wheel is butter smooth to turn, I like a larger sidewheel also. So I’ll tell you how I solved that problem…first I went to Rowan Engineering and looked at their competition side wheels…105 British Pounds + shipping comes to around $150.00 USD…which seemed like an awful lot of money just for a side wheel to me.

So instead I went to Pyramyd Air and ordered a 100mm (4″) UTG Side Wheel and hoped it would fit. ( they also come in 80mm – 3″). The price? Around $16.00! I figured for a mere $16.00 I would take a chance that it would fit…well the bad news is that it didn’t fit…BUT the good news is that it only took 1 minute with my Dremel tool to adapt it so it does fit! Hurray!  :) The UTG Side Wheel has a rubber insert in the middle that was too small to fit over my Athlon side focus wheel…so I sanded down the rubber bumps to make it larger using the little sanding drum that came in my Dremel tool box. Then I tightened down the two little grub screws that hold it securely on my side focus wheel. And Viola! Perfection! I am so happy with myself because I tend to have a “mistake” happen whenever I try to do something like this…but this time I can declare Success. Here are the links to the UTG Side Wheels, and also a link to the Rowan Engineering Side Wheels so you can decide which one you like for your scope.

Now as for it being a little to heavy for you…all I can recommend is that you eat your Wheaties and start lifting some weights at the gym little fella… :)

Best regards, Chuck