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Ok Joe I’m still not ready to do the “test all my pellet guns at 35 yards to answer some new shooters questions”. But I was testing my set up for that this morning. And here is one I told you I would do for you to see how that ol’ junk pile you sold me shoots.

ok I started at 35 yards and there was a little more wind than I wanted.(always start with an excuse). I shot 13 times the two on the left and the lowest shot were 3 shots to line up the scope.

And I told you Joe I would shoot it at 50 yards here that is. Ok the trick to this target is I shot 3 times and put the target where the pellets were hitting. The point of aim was the upper target and you can see the wind was starting to get me.(I so love a shooting excuse) ;) this was 10 shots.

Ok so that was not terrible so heck I went for one last distance 60 yards 9 shots  . (The wind was picking cats up out of the trees by this time) Or that’s the way JWR would have ended the story. :)

And guys don’t forget this is a 40 year old 10 meter rifle. By the way that has no twang. Whatever that is ;)