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jgburksYes and no. The popping o-ring was my own fault. The bottle adapter is only finger tight, and I didn’t realize that I was a whole turn away from having it screwed all the way in. That was the problem with that o-ring. Still have a leak in my reg after replacing the visible o-rings, so I sent it to Earnest. Hopefully it’s a simple fix for him.

Sorry to hear :(

I installed 2 regs yesterday, and always apply a decent layer of silicone grease before putting the reg in.
O-rings and holes many times are a unfortunate match, the holes have a tendency to have a bite out of the o-rings, which will often cause a leak.

The adapter needs indeed to be tightened all the way, and then backed off a bit until the filling adapter is aligned with the action block.
There is also a belleville washer behind the bottle interface to hold the regulator in place.
When the bottle is reattached, the HPA will prevent the bottle interface from rotating. (Sure it can rotate when pressurized, but definitely not by hand)

I’m sure Ernest will fix it, he knows what he is doing :)