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Hi again Chuck,
Well my scope arrived today just as I was walking out the door for work. Yes, a Sunday delivery…I love Amazon. Yep, Amazon. No shipping fees for my scope. Now on to my first impressions. It went something like this, “Did they send my the wrong scope??? This thing is f#@%ing sweet!!!” I am a very happy guy so far! Now I am not a scope aficionado like some of the guys responding to this thread, but I do have some experience. As you know, I am a flight RN, but prior to this, I was a police officer and a SWAT Team member ( I know, out of one fire and into another). I was not a sniper, but I was on the entry team. I do have weapons experience. This scope is very well made with beautiful glass. I love the reticle, I love the turrits, I dig the illumination. Crap, the thing even comes with flip up lens covers. And really, FFP for $369.00? What can I say Chuck, but thank you so much for your review. As I said before, I wouldn’t have even looked at this scope if it wasn’t for your post. 
My FX Wildcat.25 should be here next week. I’m installing my scope with the FX No Limits rings. I’ll let you know when it’s done. I’m really excited!