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Hi Doug, what kind of air rifle are you thinking about putting a new scope on? Will you be using it for hunting or target shooting? At what ranges do you honestly feel you will be shooting at? Do you have experience using a scope reticle to holdover for differing ranges, or do you normally just use your elevation turret to dial in for different distances? With the answers to these questions I may be able to help you choose the right scope for your needs. 

Now, to try to answer your questions…I have the 6-24x50mm FFP with the MOA reticle…and I am 61 years old and wear trifocals…and I can read the reticle subtensions just fine at 6x, and on 24x the reticle is still in perfect focus for me. The Athlon Argos line of scopes have an etched glass reticle that is very fine indeed at all power settings! As to whether or not it will “cover a  1/4″ dot” at 50 yards on 24x is a question I will leave up to you to answer… However I will tell you what the reticle looks like at night when it is illuminated…it looks like a 3D Hologram floating in front of my eyes! Sort of like it is being projected out in front of me! But even on the highest illumination setting of number 11, the reticle is crystal clear, and the only thing that is illuminated is the reticle…not the whole inside of the scope like so many, many others.

The bottom line? Only first focal plane scope reticle holdovers are valid at all power settings from minimum to maximum, whereas in second focal plane scopes the reticle holdovers are only valid at one particular power setting chosen by the shooter. Why is this important? Because to shoot at different ranges you must either adjust your scopes elevation using the elevation turret, or you must use your reticle holdover marks – either MOA or MIL Dot. If you have plenty of time to adjust your scope’s elevation for a shot using the elevation turret dial none of this matters that much, and a second focal plane scope will be fine…BUT…in many hunting situations we only have a second to determine the range to the game, and choose the correct reticle holdover relevant to the determined range and fire. Now, if we are shooting at only one power setting on the scope, once again none of this matters that much. BUT…to shooters like me an animal or target at longer ranges requires me to adjust my scopes’ power setting up to it’s highest settings, and so I need for the holdovers I have memorized to work at all of my scopes power settings…not only at just one predetermined power setting.

So one of the most important reasons I am so excited about these new Athlon First Focal Plane scopes is that they are priced so that just about anyone can afford one! Most other first focal plane scopes prices start at a minimum of $1200.00 to $1600.00, which puts them way out of reach for most of us working people with families. There is just no way most air gun enthusiasts can justify that kind of money on a scope, especially if they just paid about that much for a super accurate regulated FX rifle. Which means that up till now we have had to put up with crappy, inferior, second focal plane scopes on our air rifles, because we could not afford or justify an expensive first focal plane scope.  Well thanks to Athlon those days are over! Now we all can afford a first focal plane scope! And what a scope it is! Don’t even hesitate…buy one and try one! And then you guys come back and tell me if you like them or not…but even if for some reason you don’t like it? Then just return it to MidwayUSA for a full refund and no harm done.

Doug, let me know if I can be of any help at all in your search for the right scope for your needs. But for now, please trust me when I say that Athlon Scopes are the very best value for your money. Period!

Best regards, Chuck