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It was a fun show. A lot of guns and accessories for sale. I met some old friends from previous shows and matches and met some new ones too. 
The range was really nice. I went out and shot the TM1000. NIce gun, very nice trigger. Parallax was way off on the scope, but I didn’t want to make any adjustments to something that wasn’t mine. Louder than I thought. Accuracy was good even with the parallax being out of wack. 
Shot the Texan even though I’m not a big bore shooter. I had shot it last year at the Texas show but from a rest. This year I wanted to shoot it off hand and did so at the pig silhouettes. It hit with such force that four out of the five went down! Now that’s my idea of a “hog hunt”. Even though very long, it was surprisingly well balanced and very LOUD!!
Forgive me, I’m not being critical of those two guns, but neither type is the class of shooting I enjoy. I just wanted the experience so I could say I have shot them. 

My hat is off to the very generous sponsors that donated all the really cool stuff that was given away. Sadly, I held no winning ticket.  

Looking forward to next year already. Hope to see some of you in Malvern next year. Till then, shoot safe and hit what you’re aiming at !!