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“Siscakidd”The litte s.o.b has been digging under my pole barn all summer long and when I would see him he was always very cautious when out it the open and take off running at the first signs of movement ,it’s been really frustrating trying to get a shot at him….until this morning ,was walking  past the sliding glass door that leads to our upstairs deck( a favorite shooting position of mine) and some unusual movement catches my eye along the hedge I grab my range finder and FX Boss and slowly move out on to the deck,92 yds,was just shooting at 100 yds a couple days before so I knew right where my holder over would be,lined up the shot,couple of deep breaths and squeeze….dropped him in his tracks.thats the longest shot at a pest that I have taken with the Boss and it packed quite a punch even at almost 100 yds .needless to say his digging days are over,and mine have begun,got to go fill in all the holes in my in and around my barn.


What pellet and what velocity ? I’m assuming 25 caliber  ?