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You´re welcome, no problem. BTW – I don´t know if you noticed but it´s the same deal with the barrel weight. You can easily remove it if you opt for a silencer but my silencer is quite light and the gun is still well balanced so I just let the barrel weight in place. 

I´ve had that rifle for about 1.5 months now and put over 2.000 shots through it. I really love it and the trigger is amazing – the action seemed at little rough in the beginning but now after the break in period it has become smooth like butter. I downed a pigeon at 107 yards and I just have the .22 version… but it does its job perfectly – it´s a one shot gun. Never needed a follow up shot yet as long as I didn´t miss.

Maybe I should have gotten the .25 as mine is firing really hot so I need to stick to the extra heavy pellets for long shots – but still. The accuracy is amazing with 1/2″ groups at 50 yards and the drop from full to empty makes just half a mildot at 100 yards so the adjustments from shot to shot are very minor, with good software like Strelok+ and Hawke Chairgun Pro absolutely no problem. It maybe wouldn´t be the ideal Benchrest or HFT gun but it sure as hell is the perfect hunter with a whole lot of smackin power – those pellets hit with authority every single time. 

I´m just a happy as you that the safety is not automatic, I seldom use it – if at all. Either the gun is unloaded or I´m in the field with the finger on the trigger guard ready to fire at any time – the real safety is your brain and finger!

If you can, please post chrony data for the .25 version. I´d really be curious to see what it can do. I´m looking forward to hearing some performance and hunting reports with your gun. Have fun and shoot safely! Cheers.