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Thank you Pope on Dope for your excellent  instructions. I hadn’t even noticed that allen screw in the barrel band! Given that issue, I would agree that taking off the tank each time for a refill would be a bit cumbersome and simply extending the pump hose makes a lot of sense. With that said, parts are on the way! Based on your chrony data, it definitely is not regulated which really doesn’t seem to hamper the effectiveness of the gun. I think the Aussies just got a bit confused between the Rotek and the Maximathor. I also find it interesting that most of the U.S. distributors describe the safety function as “automatic”. I have never liked automatic reset on safeties but was pleasantly surprised to find it a manual safety. The Hatsan safety drives me nuts when I’m hunting and has cost me several squirrels over the past year. The more I shoot this gun, the more it impresses me with its accuracy and quality. I hope Walther sells a million of them. Thanks again for your expert help!