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“zebra”When you say that not every pellet cork-screws, do you mean that some brands do and some don’t, or some JSB 18g do and but not every time?

if it’s the first, it’s normal for some pellets to work better than others in every air gun. Just because JSB pellets work well in one Cricket (or even most Crickets), it doesn’t mean yours can’t be better suited to something else. It’s unlikely that the store would have tested any pellets out to 70 yards unless it’s not one of the larger players. I.e. Their test results might not be a pellet recommendation.

If it’s the second, have you tried a different tin of JSBs (in case it’s a bad batch or one damaged in transit)? Have you checked the wind before shooting? If you are firing into a head wind, that can cause spiraling. That would explain the sporadic nature of the problem. If it was a burr causing the issue, I would assume it would happen to every pellet unless the pellet was smaller (so it could pass through without damage (but I guess it’s still possible that’s the problem.

Either way, if it were me, I’d be cleaning the barrel, trying different pellets and shooting directions before I let power tools get anywhere near my barrel, breach, or transfer port. Then again, my metal-work skill level is closer that of a chimp than a man’s, so I’d be more likely to make the problem worse. If it’s new, you’d void your warranty too. 

If you just cleaned the barrel, it might just need a little time.

Jsb, some spiral and some do not. I’ve tried five differnt tins with the same results. I’ve been shooting early morning with less then 5mph winds. The barrel was cleaned about 200 pellets ago. I’m thinking I should just send it to Ernest Rowe for a tune.