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Thats crazy! England. I mean… you put two .22 pellets in a squirrel and it maybe is knocked k.o. and doesn´t move so you simply assume it is dead. You come back after two hours, realize that the critter is still alive and immediately put in another three from point blank… and the dang thing still lives???

C´mon – prosecution??? That´s insane. If he had deliberately shot it in the legs and watched it suffer – o.k. another story. But given the frame of his possibilities and the sheer number of shots, he did what he could.

The U.K. have a limit of 12 fpe but I have two 12 fpe spingers (in .177) shooting between 700 and 760 fps and either one of those would put the pellet clean through a squirrel. I killed a good size rabbit with the dang thing and a Crosman Premier Hollow Point went straight through its head at 15 yards. Its a bit unfortunate that they did not show the gun but from the x ray pictures, the spring must have been weakened to about 2 fpe, I cannot find another explanation for this.