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Hi NevadaRocks,

congratulations – yeah, it´s a sweet little gun. A far as the cylinder is concerned: Walther doesn´t recommend it, that´s right – but it can be done with ease. Just unscrew the mini screw on the underside of the barrel band (the thing with the “T” on it) with a metric allen key (its a 2 mm one, I believe). If you don´t have one, a small screwdriver should do the job but be careful – if anybody notices that the reservoir was unscrewed, it might void your warranty. Better ask your dealer how he looks at it.

Then turn the reservoir counterclockwise. I had one MaximaThor in my hand where is was very easy and on the other one which is my own it was a pain in the @$$ to unscrew it – you will not lose any air so the reservoir can be filled, no problem. Be careful to return the reservoir to its original position (the screw should have left a mark on the air reservoir). 

I recommend you to get a new longer air hose because with the low shot count, it will soon become annoying to unscrew the dang thing every single time. 

Concerning the article in the Australian magazine – it is clearly not correct. See my chrony test above, the Walther MaximaThor is clearly NOT regulated, no way a regulated gun would give you an increase of speed with practically every shot. And Walther specifies that this gun is not regulated.