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“iride”Back in the day in the 70s I was shooting a FWB 124 , I had the Beeman catalog I read from cover to cover,
I also had a couple ood pumpers , Crossman, and maybe a few others ,
We had beer drinking party’s with target shooting on the side, Great fun , great training , and big hangovers, LOL…
Remember the good matches, Yep we lit them up at 20 yards,
So what year did the PCP come to market ?  
Life and all got in the way and I fell out of the information on the air guns,,,
Now being retired and the computer age I read up on some of the new guns.
30 something years of adjustments nothing could out shoot my FWB 124,
So I popped down a crazy amount of money on a 25 Marauder and a hand pump.
My eyes have seen the light, The rest is history…..

Yes, I know what you are going through well … my FWB 124D was a real beaut, my CI was always by my side as were my R1’s, RX90’s and my Crow Magnum !! and I could go on.

I then got a few Career 707’s, but tank filling and the noise was a major problem where I lived so I put them aside. Got into business and the months turned into many years. Now that I’m back into it, I was very slow to the PCP thing … what a mistake, I’m now trying to sell a lot of my older stuff.

My 22 cal Careers have had all new seals put in and they now blast pellets out and are capable off taking any pest or predator I come across.  My 25 cal Sumatra does the same but buries them at the same time. I have got big into the Airforce Condors and I’m sending pellets and bullets down range faster then I ever thought possible and to the point I must be EXTREMELY careful where i shoot them …

Ya, there is no turning back … spring guns and gas ram guns are great and I do like them a lot, but PCP guns are in their own class for sure !