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“John_in_Ma”elmerfud. Khales does make a scope, just over 2k specificaly for airguns. Because they aren’t front and center here in america doesn’t make them second class. Airguns are a larger market worl wide than you seem to know. This is due to fire arms being severely restricted in most of the 160 something countries that aren’t america.

I’ve heard great things about Kahles.  I’ve read lots of info floating around on their K624i scopes but not as much on the K1050.  I’m sure it’s a great optic and similar to the March benchrest type scopes.  I get that in Europe airguns are much more popular.  That’s why a lot of high-end PCP guns originate from those countries.  I still feel that that globally those willing to spend $1,500+ on an airgun/rifle is a very small minority.  Out of that population of enthusiasts willing to drop another $2K+ on a scope to go with their airguns is even smaller. 

The bottom line is unless someone is a competition shooter with an obsession with scopes or just simply prefer finer things in life going from a $500-1,000 scope to a $2K+ one won’t yield any performance gains to justify the price difference.  You’re not going to miss your targets due to the scope.