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“Nappyman”Good shooting, really enjoyed. Looks like your zeroed at 75 yards or something with the hold under

You’re close. It’s zeroed @ 17 & 63yds using Profile1. I created a separate profile for 100yds which can be quickly selected since I stay connected to the X-Sight with my phone at all times. Also, creating your own range card when using the NP R2 reticle is necessary, I think, if you plan on using only one profile for various ranges. Then practice shooting at that profile.  Here’s an example video of me getting familiar with the XS. At one particular target, realizied I was on the wrong profile shooting at a 63yd target.  Quickly changed profile and hit the target. If it were a squirrel, it would have been a clean miss.  Practice,  practice practice.  You never know where a squirrel will pop out. At this training session I was using random targets laying in the road.