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Any wild animal and i mean any presents a danger if not properly handled and cooked.
One Key note, Wild pigs Bore more so than sows over 250 and up will start having a stronger game taste. The smell of the raw meat will tell you a lot on how game tasting the pig will be. I will be frank, if the raw meat has sort of a piss smell to it then i would pass it up. the meat is fine but when you start cooking it will get a stronger smell. 
Never start your hunt without a ice chest full of ice bags and a box of ice cream salt Pork of any kind wild or domestic will go bad very fast. it is important to get the animal field dressed and on ice asap

Go to your local big animal vet and ask them for some arm gloves. these are the same gloves they use when they do still birth deliveries and other type of issues where they have to reach into the body of cows. Go to Harbor freight and buy the blue or black 7 mil rubber gloves. put on the arm glove then the rubber gloves. 
 Now a good sharp $500 knife….. Nope noda zip zilch my best hog field dressing knife is a walmart $2.00 snap off razor knife I like the 1/2 inch blade Bore hair will dull even the most expensive knife on the market. With a Razor knife you only use the tip to cut the belly skin and start the skinning process. When it starts getting dull break it off and keep going.
It is important to at minimum field dress a hog as soon as possible and I mean ASAP no more than an hour, after you have gutted them put a bag of ice in the belly and start cooling them down. I will not leave them unskinned no longer than a few hours. They hold a lot of heat and will spoil very fast 
All Wild pigs need to be skinned, I usually have a hog hung and bled and skinned within three hours of dropping him. 
I have a big party igloo ice chest. I will dress it down put it in the chest fill the chest the rest of the way with ice and put salt over the ice. 
open the drain and keep ice and salt on the pig for about 7 days. the salt water that is draining over the skinned pig will help remove the game taste.

whatever you choose process it yourself or pay someone to do it.
Wild hog has some unique cooking properties,
It important to cook slow, and while cook complete you do not want to overcook.