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Holly crap Chuck…great minds think alike! We have the same gun!!! I have to say, I wouldn’t have even looked at the Athalon if it wasn’t for your review, so thank you! My scope should be arriving tomorrow, so at least I’ll have that to play with. AoA has my gun in stock as well as the Huggett, but the picatiny rail for the Atlas, and the Atlas itself won’t be in until the first☹️. I’m having them put the rail on before they send it out. They’ll of course install the Huggett too. I’m peeing my pants waiting!
I found the pic of the nurse on line.  I have no idea who the artist is. I was just looking for a cool avatar (as you probably noted, I’m a flight/transport nurse & I specialize in pediatrics) and I googled “naughty nurse”. I was thinking about getting it tattooed on my calf. 
Anyway friend, thanks for all of the advice…I may bend your ear from time to time if you don’t mind. If you’re ever down in SoCal I’ll buy you a cold beer🍻