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Hello again RNMike…just replied to your post regarding you just ordered the Athlon 6-24x50mm FFP scope that I reviewed and have been raving about recently. I am so happy to find out here that you ordered it to go on your new Wildcat .25! That is the same gun that I have! Like you I also have the Huggett moderator and highly recommend them. I definitely also highly recommend the FX No Limits scope mounts.

I am also happy to hear you ordered yours from AOA…I like to tinker with my airguns and the guys at AOA have been invaluable with parts and advice. I am one of those guys that can’t leave things the hell alone, and usually fix my airguns until they are completely broken. A couple weeks ago I tried to set my regulator up to a higher pressure and mucked up things to the point where I gave up and shipped my gun out to AOA to have Steve fix it for me…still waiting to find out how much my tinkering is going to cost me this time!

My advice on pellets for your .25 Wildcat is this…JSB 25.4 grain are very accurate but the wind will move them a little more than I like, so I shoot the JSB Heavy 33.95 grain exclusively in my gun. The JSB Heavy’s buck the wind better than the lighter ones, and my rifle will put every shot in the same hole at 50 yards with them…and yours will too if you do your part. My best group so far was on Mother’s Day morning … 4 shot’s into 1/2″ at 100 yards bench rested at the range! That was on a flat calm morning under perfect conditions…normally i get groups in the 1″ to 2″ range at 100 yards. The Wildcat will do 3/4″ groups at 75 yards all day long with my eyes closed!   :)
Keep us posted on your new rifle and scope. 

Best regards, Chuck
P.S. Where did you find that cool nurse picture? What is the name of the artist?