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Hello RNMike, congratulations! I know you are going to be amazed with the clarity and performance of your new Athlon scope. And for $369.00? You will see why I referred to it as my “Holy Grail of Airgun Scopes”, because at $369.00 just about everyone can afford one and be able to enjoy this kind of performance and quality. It just blew my mind when looked through mine for the first time. Like that commercial on TV where the people’s heads explode into purple smoke when they are so amazed at the product…dude I had pretty much given up on finding a scope that didn’t have something wrong with it that made me unhappy or just pissed me off for some reason. Please let us all know your first impressions,and also let us know what you think after you put it through it’s paces.
Best regards, Chuck
P.S. I am hoping fenderguy will breakdown and try one on for size…when you hold one in your hands and look through it you will see what I have been raving about.