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I’ve been reading this thread with interest since I’m intrigued by the Huben.  I have a question that I haven’t seen answered though….
So it sounds like the barrel is a LW air rifle barrel.  I have several in Airforce guns and they are accurate but I do not shoot 30 grain (22cal) pellets.
For a lighter pellet (for example a Polymag at 16g), at say 900 fps, is there any reason to expect worse accuracy with the Huben with that pellet/velocity than another gun using a LW barrel?  
And I mean beyond 50 yards – say 70 or 80…  Mostly the accuracy issue that’s been discussed is >50 yards with high ballistic coefficient pellets/slugs that are too long to be stabilized at the barrel’s twist rate.  What about shorter/lighter pellets at >50 yards under sonic speeds?