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Peole: I have spent a lot of time searching for a bullet that would fit Huben ant it is not the problem only in the sizing but also the length. Huben accepts only up to 11 mm bullets in length. This is quite annoying but it does makes sense to have relatively short bullets if the twist is slow…

If you know any bullet that would fit Huben, please let me know. It has to be lead (no copper jacket), it has to be only 11 mm long, as heavy as possible and (and this is extremely important) it has to have low friction. This is not a firearm and the pressure – power is limited.

This is the reason I am developing this mold, but if it already exists then it makes no point. So I will really be grateful if any one knows for a mold that or a bullet that would work with Huben

Cernunnos: That sounds like a standard Huben barrel (they use standard LW airgun choked barrel with 1:17.7 twist)