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elmer – I get the distance factor – I understand all about the turrets / clicking /repeatability / toughness of the march and S&B –   THAT IS A GIVEN —  remember the context of what we are speaking about here –  WE ARE ON AN AIRGUN FORUM –  NOBODY IS SHOOTING  1000 YARD SHOTS WITH AN AIRGUN [ not in the foreseeable future anyway ]  but you are missing the point – in terms of air gun shooting , say  1 1/2″ field target kill zone at  55 yards  , is the expenditure for a march or S&B NECESSARY , or for that matter , prudent  if  it is stretching the budget  to being uncomfortable ???  in those terms , it is very questionable  —  if you can afford it fine – we are speaking AIRGUNS —  I am not spending time on a firearms  forum with a dedicated column on bench rested 338 lapua shooting 1200+ yards — my point of perspective is cost vs function to REAL VALUE  — that is real value in the airgun realm — the swarvoski vs bushnell  was MY  OWN  hands on experience  –  MAYBE AT 600 YARDS  , as you point out ,   the difference would be greater to justify the cost – my point is before laying out 3k for a pair of binos , I want to see a major difference —