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In my opinion your binocular comparison was flawed.  60 yards is a joke of a distance but it’s all you had at the time of your comparison.  No one buys a $3K pair of binoculars to use at a few hundred yards distance.  Had your distance been 600+ yards your assessment of both binoculars would have been very different.  No scope manufacturer makes a $2K scope specifically for airgun use.  The airgun market doesn’t support that demand.  It just happens that there are $2K+ scopes that luckily fits this niche market.  A S&B/March was designed for shooters capable of shooting in excess of 1 mile.  It’s at those extreme distances that you separate a $500 scope vs a $2K+ scope.  I’ve brought and sold many scopes within the past few years from a Hawke to March.  Given the distance we use for airguns, you won’t truly appreciate the capability of a March inside of 200 yards despite it’s remarkable glass.  There are scopes at a fraction of the cost that will do the job just fine given that distance.  What does stand out between a $500 scope and a $2K+ one is the build quality and turrets.  Sure, many airgunners never touch the turrets and rely mostly on holdover so it’s a moot point.  So is a March worth the cost?  For me, yes it was but it far exceeds the need for any airgunner so it would be wise to spend your hard earned money in other areas of the hobby.  I just wanted the arguably the best airgun scope imaginable instead of continuing to search for that unicorn.  Again, only the end user knows what’s best for their needs and wallet.  I know I would have continued to buy and sell scopes and throw away a lot of cash in the process so decided to cut to the chase and splurge on a March.  Many of you who own these high-end airguns probably had the same mentality otherwise you’ll be still using your Daisy Red Ryders.