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elmer  ,.you are 100%   correct  about  assessing value in high end pieces . I have many collectible items that are valuable not only because they are well made and perform their intended function very well , but also ” fetch ” [ [ to use your colorful word ] a premium simply because they are ” collectible ”  —  collectible is a grey area term that attaches value to an item over and above its function value due to its RARITY , DESIREABLITY , and in vintage value , its AGE – .most  VERY COSTLY  , highly prized items are RARE  in varying degrees simply because of their INITIAL COST keeps production numbers limited to a relatively few as way fewer individuals   have the means to afford it in the first place .  as an example , in 1953  ,  you could have bought a Chevrolet BEL AIR  sedan for under $1800 , or a 1953 CORVETTE   for approx. $3600 , literally TWICE the initial cost .  BOTH WILL DRIVE TO WORK AND BACK ,  with the bel air being the more practical / reliable car . fast forward to today  60+ years — all things being equal as far as originality / condition , the 1953 bel air will fetch approx. $9000 while the vette will demand $250,000  , , literally a factor of approx.  27 —  WHY — —- PERCEIVED VALUE [ collectibility ]  –    this is all well and good as we as humans have this fascination with high priced  ” stuff ” —  note the popularity of  ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW , PAWN STARS , AMERICAN PICKERS , CHASING CLASSIC CARS , and the like …  going back to my initial POINT of PERSPECTIVE   —  the BUSHNELL vs the SWAROVSKI —  that was mere a comparison of FUNCTION VS initial COST —  nothing more , as the sole function of a bino is to magnify what you intend to observe — I would  venture that  VERY FEW  purchasers of new SWAROVSKI binos are buying for the purpose of reselling at a profit some 60 years into the future – they  are buying  because they want  and can afford the ” BEST ”  bino , where as the purchaser of the BUSHNELL wants the ” BEST BINO for his hard earned dollar .”  —  granted , the SWAROVSKI bino will ALWAYS be worth more now and in the future . –  a ROLEX will be always be worth more than a TIMEX — however , as far as function vs cost , my REAL WORLD A / B  test COMPARISON   ,  the BUSHNELL wins hands down in terms of REAL VALUE  vs  PERCEIVED VALUE —