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You might want to zero the rifle in a way that it hits a one inch kill zone within 8 to 20 or 25 yards. If your scope isn´t mounted too high, that should be no problem. Hawke Chairgun Pro will figure out the perfect zero distance if you put in the correct data. After zeroing it, its just a matter of verifying and possibly making small adjustments.

Don´t feel bad about the thing with the squirrel. It happened to every hunter and it will happen again one day. If you want to be sure that it goes down, you can take the 18 FPE Marauder with Predator Polymags and make body shots. You might also want to try the Polymags in your HW30, they expand pretty well even with lower velocity. When you go for body shots you will either miss completely over/under or the critter will bleed out in under 5 minutes even if you pull the shot, the pellet wobbles or whatever else might happen that affects accuracy. If your gun likes Polymags, I can absolutely recommend them.

BTW. Iride is right – never let the air out of your PCP. If the pressure inside is the same as outside, dust can easily kill your o-rings. The best thing is to leave it filled up or have at least half the pressure inside when the gun is in storage.