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Great shooting overall when you consider that it was 70 yards.

To me, this looks like either pellet or pressure inconsistencies but the horizontal drift could have been caused by wind. You were obviously shooting outdoors. Mainly target D looks like it is consistently pulling to the left. Target H looks like pellet or pressure inconsistency if you are sure that it wasn´t your hold or scope alignment. With targets A and D – Did you check for slight wobbling with a scope cam? Some pellets simply don´t have a 100% perfectly distributed weight and center of gravity and could have wobbled ever so slightly. With the scope on such a high magnification, it will be easy to check if it had something to do with the trigger pull or recoil when you check the video frame by frame. Have you ever had any problem with the no limit scope rings? If they aren´t perfectly fixed, this might also be a factor but this would be with all targets so I would probably exclude it.

I would look at 4 things one by one, eliminating what it couldn´t have been:

1. wind
2. pellet weight
3. wobble
4. pressure inconsistency

If it was none of those, I would check my equipment and myself. It also might help to film yourself when shooting (from in front of the gun) and checking for the smallest of things like scope alignment, recoil and trigger pull but with such groups you probably won´t find anything. And with a scope cam it can hardly be parallax error or wrong eye alignment