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I don’t buy the old “they did loads of R&D so it’s worth more money” thing. There is no reason why any of us should care about how much time and money they spent on R&D. We should only care about if the air gun is worth the money compared to other guns on the market. If it’s not accurate then the answer is no. 

While the valve system is unique, it’s not the only semi auto pcp gun in the market and it’s not even the best. FX and Evanix both have respectable semi auto offerings. 

Air ordnance released a unique full auto air gun than uses 100 round drum mags and comes with 2 of them for less than $600 with a large tank and speed loader. They did a bunch of R&D but they don’t expect early adopters to fund all of it. That thing is also a lot of fun to use if you don’t care about world class accuracy.