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Received my stock in Forest Camo Laminate Thumbhole after only a 72 day wait. I just don’t know where you can find that kind of quick service! :P

It is nice but has some rough edges that will need sanding and the butt pad looks like it was loaded with residue from a wet sanding process.

All in all though it is WAY nicer than a factory SynRod Stock! :)

Edit: I saved the pics of the first Boyds I got from plinker and it is a totally different stock than the one I received. I LIKED it a lot and this new design is severely lacking in several areas compared to the older version……namely this one has no provision to shoot thumb up and the Cheek weld is more of a lower jaw weld. The original was also shorter and lighter. Viewed from the top down the Current offering’s Butt section has all the beauty of a laminated 2X4 viewed edge on!  Shame on you Boyds!!! :( 

Edit 30 Aug 2016: Turns out the stock I got from Plinker was an uninleted Boyd’s Blaster stock FOR the Marauder Gen II. I have ask Boyd’s if they can produce this style stock for the Marauder because it BEATS their current offering in all aspects BUT Boyd’s knows best or so they think and I have had to order one to inlet myself since it seems too great a task for them to accomplish! As I said before……Shame on you Boyd’s!!!!!!!! Sooner than later your inflexibility to customer wishes WILL be your undoing!! :(