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“Hunterman1”Great shooting Dartagnan, i have just got the x sight and its going on my Brocock Comppato in .177 cal
for rabbit shooting ,our main pest over here in England.
atb Brian

Thank you. 
If you’re not using one already, may I recommend using an  external battery pack and save yourself the headache’s later. Weird glitches tend to happen when using alkaline or lithium batteries. I used the external battery pack I recommended in my video description for 5 straight hours and still had about 80% charge left. Note I did have the WiFi turned on and also kept my phone fully charged. The battery may be a bit over kill. Oh well. If I decided to go ratting later that evening that battery pack would of kept on going all night.  I did. put the battery in a stock pouch which I also purchased on Amazon for $35. Fits nicely in the pouch. Please share your videos of your hunts if you don’t mind. Happy hunting.