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My guess would be that they don’t do it for the same reason that most PB makers don’t …It takes time and time =money ..
My direct supervisor at the factory where I work told me his biggest challenge is figuring the balance between cost and quality . We manufacture AC condensing units and if there were a real life place for it we could make one that would outlive either of us , but the cost would be so high that no one would buy it .
The returns for lapping a barrel for a ” serious” airgunner I personally think are worth it , but if you added another say 15$ to the average 100$ break barrel you wouldn’t make your target price . And would the design itself have enough inherent accuracy that you would see the difference anyway ? Probably not .
But a gun like the RAW with much more time spent on material and fitting and quality can take the time to make it like they want . Much smaller targeted customer who demands the best accuracy possible .
As far as wearing unevenly I guess its possible ? But I lap all the guns I rebuild and its never honestly entered my mind .