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“JoeWayneRhea”I’ve seen the results of Aarons work and I’m a believer ! I polish my barrels as soon as I get the rifle in used or new .. I spent some time years ago at Shilen Rifles here in Texas .At the time a very popular aftermarket barrel maker . Anyway I always thought of a rifles barrel as something that you should be ever delicate with to prevent damage.
When I saw how they lapped ( polished ) a barrel I was shocked ! There were two Big guys pushing and pulling a gritty mop thru the barrel like they were hand sawing down a tree .
They used 2 different grits and them poured a strong solvent down the barrel to remove any left over compound and then squirted oil inside and went to the next one .
Mr Shilen said its almost impossible to damage a gun barrel by the normal owner as LONG as they don’t damage the crown . The steel in gun barrels are tougher than most guys credit them to be . Yes an airgun barrel isn’t subjected to the kind of pressures that a Powder Burner is but its still tough.
If your gun fouls to quickly , or just want to make sure you are getting the last bit of accuracy out of it why the hell not ??!!
I’ve never heard of a guy saying polishing his bore did anything negative . And its kinda cool when you finish seeing how shiny it is after your hard work .

If the process removes enough material to make a noticeable difference to accuracy, is there not also the potential to make it uneven by applying too much pressure on one side etc? Or does that not matter?

is there any reason why they don’t do it at the factory?