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Joe, It sounds like your on the edge of starting a new business. Maybe get to retire early from your current job? Joe’s FWB Mini Restoration Emporium. I have been thinking of having you build me one. Trouble is I don’t have the time to play with what I have now, but I foresee it’s just a matter of time. Won’t be long and you will be going large. Next will be producing your own mini when demand exceeds your supply of vintage guns. Oh WOW! How long before you start hiring? I’m a 1.15 per hour employee! Will we have any long legged, mellon breasted, spiky healed secretaries? how about company cars? I would really prefer one of the new crew cab pickups. I’m really excited about getting in on the ground floor. Plus you won’t have to provide me with health insurance. I can just stay on Medicare!