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“Scott_MCT”I’m an Area Service Manager for a world wide HVAC manufacturer so I certainly understand business.   I agree, the depth of their product line at FX may be the reason.  I agree that FX may have too many variations and might be getting bogged down as a result.  I confirmed RAW has 7 employees at the time of the video so I still question why FX haven’t managed their orders.  Simply put low demand products on a big lead time, and AOA list as…OUT OF STOCK for a while and divert resources to the Impact. (JMHO).

I think fx is making its money on the wildcats, and the impacts might need special tools/parts. You do the math. This is how stuff works. You cant always have your toy right now!. Go buy a raw then if its so wonderful.

ps I have waited months on a new car also. Doubt you could run into a ferrari shop and demand their top model instantly.