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My first air rifle was a Crossman 760. Had that for many years in my youth. Went to school over seas. Got married. Lived overseas for another 6 years. Moved back with 3 kids. Raised a family. 3 years ago bought a Stoeger X20S in .177. Heard about PCP’s. Read about them and watch many a youtube video. 18 months ago bought a Gammo whisper in .22. Never was very impressed with eithers accuracy over 25 yards.  However I never modified them. All factory including the optics included with the guns. 6 months ago I finally gave in and bought my first PCP a Daystate regal xl in .22. First day home I eliminated 5 pigeons from 26 to 62 yards during 4-5 hours of shooting paper targets and targets of opportunity. After the 62 yard shot I was giggling at how fun and accurate the regal was to shoot. I was hooked. I sold a powder burning .22 pistol and rifle. Saved a little more scratch and last week added an FX bobcat MK II in .30 caliber. Is that gun ever fun to shoot!! I suppose the optics make it that much more enjoyable. So ……. I guess I would have to admit that PCP’s are addictive to me. I already am thinking about adding a .177 to the collection….. maybe a compatto or …… not sure yet. I will just have to keep reading and watching what others experiences have been with different guns.