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Try adjusting the VS adjuster in,

I had the same issue with one of my .25 the 1st 3 shots would be low being idle awhile, just by adjusting the VS now my 1st would is 10fps high then all would be 900-893 fps

If the 3 Oring sealing the piston leaking it will leak out the vent and bottle pressure will drop.

The bottle pressure keeps the piston close, when bottle remove the reg pressure will dump at anytime, faster if you shoot 1 or 2 shots.

Be careful when removing the piston and not damage the sealing surface of the end of the delrine piston, got to have a delrine tool bushing puller so no risk in damaging the sealing surface, they cost $50 to replace.

What cal and reg pressure setting on your impact?

How to adjust the VS; may or may not help your issue but worth a try. It’s long process.

Screw in adjuster to the 1st or 2nd line.

Shoot about 5 shots through the crony, let it ideal over the time you notic the slow speed

Take 5 shots? if speed are close together open VS adjuster 1/2 turn, repeat above till 1st shot is within your ES and the speed you want.

If you continue to have that slow 1st 3 shots the reg pressure and VS need to be adjusted to max out to your speed setting.

If that don’t work all reg sealing surface need inspections, all metal sliding surface are smooth— to long to list but a video on the works to show you all that need to be done with the reg to make it operate as smooth as possible.