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AoA calIed me last night to talk for about 15 minutes about my reported Impact issues.  They have resolved most of them, but they can not resolve one of my major issues which is the  scope mount to barrel alignment issue.  They have tried various scopes and barrels and rings and the bottom line is the only way to fix the issue is for me is to use FX no limit or similar adjustable rings to compensate for the variance (or make a 30mm dowel rod and use sand paper to slowly grind down my Burris Extreme Tactical rings  enough to compensate). 

I want to let everyone know that AoA has been A+ at response time and A+ at service level. Special call out to Kevin at AoA for communications.   I really believe they have done everything they could including replacing one of my barrels and accurizing another and rebuilding the regulator to try to  fix what I reported to them, but it is what it is for the other items.  They are going to send the gun back to me for testing, but I believe the off the shelf Impact isn’t designed to compete with a Boss or RAW for accuracy at 75 yards.  Since my goal is accuracy at 75+ yards and I have unresolvable issues I am most likely going to be asking for a refund from Precision Airguns to be applied to a different rifle.

AoA will be returning the rifle to me in a few days.  I will let those following this thread know how my testing goes.