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I agree that all these higher end guns should shoot 1/2 at 50. You get no argument from me there. I also believe that these guns have been designed and proven to be able to do exactly that. Now that’s done they are kicking them out in mass production numbers because of high demand from you and me. I don’t believe it’s possible at the manufacture to check each one so they spot check. The distributor gets them and hopefully does a function check and then we get them. Just like a new car designed to get X MPG, not every one gets checked. I believe the majority of them do exactly like they are designed to do. That leaves the problem group. I have no idea why, but we get them in EVERYTHING. I have a new Dodge 1500 ecodiesel the dealer had more then I did in the beginning. So that leaves us with the choice of sending it back and forth until the problems are solved. A real pain, or sending it back for a refund and walking away disappointed. The only problem I personally have had, AOA just took care of. The great service really took the sting out. Now, All that said, it still doesn’t fix the problem.