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“Kitplanenut”Another thing I’ve noticed is some people voice a low opinion of the 20 yard target that AOA sends out with their new guns. I’m not sure if your wanting a 50/100 yard accuracy target? At their store I was observing this 20 yard range. Range is determined by the size of their building. It’s a place you can set down with a new rifle and try it out. It’s also where they shoot the new rifles before shipping to check function. Maybe they should not send the target they shoot as that seems to offend some people. Just my observations

I am sure we all agree that a rifle shooting single hole at 20 yards does nut guarantee that it can shoot under 1 inch at 50 yards.

Professionals in the business of selling professional gear/airguns should provide professional quality QC and testing.  When you buy a sport cart that has a top speed of 160mph you don’t take it around the parking lot for a 20mph test run. Grandpa’s 1970’s Daisy airgun had an effective range of 20 yards….today’s PCP are judged at the 50 yard range and increasingly at 100 yards.

The fact is that either the expectations of a half inch group from a $2K rifle at 50 yards are overblown by the general public, or the dealer does not want to deal with accurizing or sending back rifles that do not meet such standards. RAW seems to have such QC controls in place where they test their rifles at longer ranges and it won’t even leave their shop unless it performs. At the end, the well-informed customer will decide if he will continue to pay $2K for a rifle that was mass-produced and sold as such without the individual attention expected by professionals. Or turn instead to a maker/dealer (like RAW) who treats their entire manufacturing process and product sales in a professional manner from development, to sales, and aftermarket support. 

Not having longer than a 20 yard range for a business which is the de facto airgun importer/dealer in the entire U.S. is not an excuse.