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-Benjamin 397 factory sights. I barely use it but when I get the itch to pump it up it’s a lot of fun.

-Cummings tool truck B3 underlever. In need of a rebuild as it sat in a friends closet cocked for five years. I’ll get to that some day. Before though it was a sweet shooter out to 25yd with the factory all metal open sights.

-Remington Vantage 1200. Open box buy at Dicks ten years ago. The centerpoint scope it came with crapped out around 5000 rounds. The spring not long after. Now it has a macarri super spring with two coils cut off, a shrink tube over the guide to remove twang abd a recajiggered trigger sear for a crisp, repeatable though heavy release. It shoots 7.3 grain pellets around 820fps. I also removed the fiber optic front rod and cut off the back post to improove the open sights. I use it mainly for offhand practice at 15 and 25 yards on full killzone resetable targets.

-AA S500 Custom. My Field Target gun. An air arms S500 in an air arms ultamite sporter stock. Maestro Designs Butt Hook. Huma regulator. Lightened hammer and spring. Aeon 10-40×56 scope. Shoots AA 8.4 at 780fps for 11.4fpe. I love it.

-MROD Air S400. SSP pistol shooting 8.4gr pellets at 350 fps. Very accurate with a great trigger.

All guns are .177.