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Yes, I am being tough on the Impact.  I put out $2500 and waited eight months for a gun.  When it arrived there wasn’t “1” issues there were 9 and I now am waiting to see what can get fixed.  That tells me the gun as a whole wasn’t really QC’d or that their pass for QC was ‘it holds air and shoots’. I expect that from a $99 Crossman air rifle I buy at Walmart.  And oh by the way, I can take that $99 air rifle right back to walmart (or Pyramyd Air)  and get my money back no questions asked.   With the Impact I have to begin a journey of send it back to the same people that originally had it so do the kind of inspection that should have been done before it was sent to me.  

I hear you on the Wildcat, but maybe I heard it differently.  I heard “Here is another example of a FX gun where the kinks were not worked out before customer learned about them in their own hands”.  And I don’t give fx a pass for ‘its a new platform’.  I don’t hear any where near the complains about new Steyr, Feinwerkau, RAW or Daystates.  I have one of the first Steyr EVO 10s – and it’s a flawless work of mechanical art that shoots perfectly right out of the box.  Same for my Airwolf MCT.  

Re range, FX made it look like the Impact was a serious contender at the 100 Extreme Bench Rest with the units they brought.  FX should be making sure these generally manufactured guns can play like the guns they brought to EBR.   My expectation is 1/2 at 75 like the Boss or better.