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Boiling or better yet pressure cooking help to make an old squirrel
more tender. Cooking low and slow helps with the stringy texture of squirrel.
As with most wild game over cooking ruins it.
Stew:  quarter soak in salt water, vinegar, or milk in ice box at least 24 hrs.
Sear in pan with butter on all sides, super hot really fast.  Place in bottom
of crock pot cover with quartered potato’s, onions, peppers corn carrots etc
squash and okra are surprisingly good as well. Take a packet of lipton soup mix
add and cover with water and bullion cube or beef stock. Keep liquid level just covering
the meat. If you like you can cut up and add Eckerd sausage or do like me and just
throw in a little bacon.  Cook low 10 hrs  or so.  Altitude with affect cook time.
Alternate    This is how I really like squirrel!!!
quarter and soak same as above. Pressure cook old ones { just water about 10 to 15 min}
dry quarters use taco seasoning as a dry rub. Smoke no heat for 30 min to an hour.
Place on grill med heat flip at about 8 minuets. Place on elevated rack tent all in foil.
Cook low heat small container of water in foil tent is good idea.  When its done add barbecue
sauce and place on grill med high heat just long enough to glaze the sauce.