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There are a couple of things that seem to be missed here. The OP requested something that could be stored for months, yet be ready in an instant. That’s not PCP, since they’re not supposed to be stored with air in them for too long.

He also said he wanted something that is backyard friendly, but could take something as big as a raccoon. In my opinion. .22 is not backyard-friendly. They just carry too much energy downrange in case of a miss or ricochet. Stick with .177 and use heavy pellets. My .177 Marauder is dead accurate, and on one shot on a squirrel, it entered through one shoulder, then out the top of his arm, in through a rib, through the whole guts, out the belly, and into the rear leg. The other five I’ve shot in the past couple weeks were two straight through head shots and a straight through chest shot. That would be enough energy to get in to a ‘coon through a rib and well into the clockwork. He won’t die quite as fast as if he’d been hit with a .25, but he won’t be suffering long either. I’d give him 30 seconds with a lung shot. Racoons have big heads, compared to squirrels, so head shots are easier, and you don’t even need much power to shut his lights out with a head shot. Probably 7-8 ft-lbs. would do it.

If I had $1200 to get started, I’d split it between two guns:

a) Benjamin Marauder in .177 with an inexpensive scope (they don’t need to be recoil-resistant; get at least 12x) and a Hill pump. This’ll be for the orchard or pest control at home when you know you have a good back stop. I keep mine filled by the back door, and when I see invasive birds, squirrels, skunks, opossums, I put ’em down with this one. I figure you could do this for $900 or less.

b) Weihrauch HW30s or Beeman R7 (almost the same gun) in .177 for backyard plinking. This is the one that is ready to go in an instant, and so much fun. It’d work on birds (body shots) and probably even raccoons with head shots out to 30 yards. It’s easy to cock, well-made, easy to carry, not too hold-sensitive, and beautifully made. More power than this, and springers get a bit loud for the back yard. You could also shoot this one indoors, if you have 10 yards to spare. A box full of rubber mulch makes a good support. These are about $350, I think.

The Marauder is quieter, and with more power.