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“JohnL57”The Marauder … somewhat air hungry in stock tune. They can be adjusted for more efficiency by a knowledgeable tuner.

That depends on how you look at it. Marauders are set up from the factory to be filled to 2500 psi and refilled when they get down to 2000 psi. That’s about 3 magazines worth. (30 rounds) For hunting or pesting, that’s a lot of ’em. For plinking, less so. It’s done that way to make it easy to hand pump. As far as I know, Benjamin is the only manufacturer to make that kind of concession to the budget-minded shooter, or someone who just wants to keep it simple.

If the OP will be shooting with infinite nitrogen, (OP: make sure the tank is rated to well over 3000 psi; 4500 psi carbon fiber tanks are the most popular) then the 2500 psi fill pressure is not necessarily a priority to him, and he may want to retune. Retuning the Marauder is easy to do oneself, and there are good instructions in the manual and lots of good tuning reference points on the internet. Some want to shoot their heavy pellets at the maximum subsonic velocity. Others are fine with lighter pellets at lower speeds.

I find airgunning to be a pretty sedentary sport, (except for hunting) so I relish the full body exercise I get from pumping. (it’s a LOT more exercise than pumping up bike tires, but nothing to be afraid of. Just wait for your heartbeat to settle back down again before you start shooting with any expectation of accuracy)

Here’s the shot curve on my Marauder. (factory tune)

At any rate, I don’t think there are any good alternatives for under $1k for two guns.

I also like the independence of springers and pump-up pneumatics, even though they are a bit less accurate. It’s like driving a stickshift. My son and I were shooting our low powered rifles in the basement last night. At 13 yards with no wind, for punching paper, one doesn’t need more than about 300 fps and light, cheap wadcutter pellets.