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“JoeWayneRhea”The real problem is the good stuff cost more. Lol. I hate that its the case but with optics probably more than ANY thing I can think of you get what you pay for . I’ve personally owned scopes from UTG and other NoName scopes up to the 30mm European stuff. And the simple fact is that decent and I mean DECENT optics start at around 200$ and do nothing but go up from there .
There’s some bargains out there for sure at pretty much any price point but a buddy who I am lucky to personally know who has forgotten more about guns and optics than I will EVER know kinda told me a rule of thumb that if you spend as much on the glass as the gun your always gonna be happy.Thank you for that RifleDude .
Think about it , a big box break barrel that is only capable of so-so accuracy doesn’t need a top notch scope because the gun as a tool won’t be improved .
On the other end take a really nice PCP or Springer capable of great accuracy and put on a scope that won’t track , focus , hold zero, and looks like your looking thru a pane of glass covered in snot …Probably not gonna be able to see what the gun can do .
Life’s too short , I can’t go below Leupold anymore . I’ve literally spent a triple handful of dollars last couple years buying lesser scopes and keep them a week or three and sell them . Trying to find a really nice scope for a bargain price and its a fools errand . But a good one once and don’t look back .
I didn’t know before but sure know it now. Well said Joe.