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Not sure what you meant by your borrowed from Wildcat design, I have been making that kind of shroud for years, before Wildcats were even for sale!  I was making that design long before the Crickets came out and I am pretty sure someone must have used it before I started to make them. I think they have only started to show up because they are more freely accepted on air guns now. When I first started to make these they were very taboo and you could not even mention them on forums, thank god the forums have started to be a bit more open minded now and allow us to at least have some chat about them and how they work on our guns.


Hi Neil
I didn’t know that you had been making these designs for a long time. I’m a newbie in all this with limited knowledge. I have a Wildcat as well so took the shroud off it and fitted on the Impact barrel. That’s how it came to me hence ‘borrowed from WC’ comment.

Looking forward to your shroud for Impact. Have you received the rifle from friend?