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Tularemia is the most common disease contacted from rabbits .The most common signs of infection  in rabbits are white or yellow liver spots or a enlarged purple-red spleen and  or sores on the skin .The infection in humans can be fatal but is easy to treat with antibiotics .Can be contracted by skin or eye contact ,eating meat not cooked to 165 degrees .and by deer fly or tick bites .Can be prevented by wearing gloves,long sleeves,and eye protection when cleaning .Wash arms and hands after cleaning and disinfect  knives and cleanings utensils . .use DEET while hunting .I also spray My hunting pants and shirts with natural pyrethrin and let them dry to prevent tick and insect bites . I treat My clothes again after three washes .Tularemia is also found in other small game rats ,feral and domestic hogs and cattle .Butchers are sometimes infected and tularemia is nick named butchers fever .This being said My family for generations has killed,butchered and ate both wild game and domestic animals .I continue to do also and We had never contracted anything