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JoeWayneRhea John I’ll work on that ! For real though …Am I the only one who sometimes sees a group posted and no wind flags , shooting off an old saw horse , with obviously a old weaver K series and the groups are little bitty at 50 yards … Come on man , give that crap a rest !!!
I know John , CK , AZ , AJ and a ton of these other guys can truly shoot . But even they don’t post that kinda stuff . It takes away from what real world groups look like

I hear ya. When I shoot groups it is usualy only for testing new lots of pellets and if happen to put together an amazing group I like to share it. I don’t often use wind flags because I can’t use them in FT matches. I try to use the environment around me to determine what the wind is doing. What others want to beleive is out of my control.

I also think a lot of so called sub moa groups are shot with the gun in one piece rests with the only interaction between the shooter and gun being the trigger pull. While this shows a rifles accuray it does not speak to the shooters true ability.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of shooting groups from my sitting FT position. Maybe I’ll start a new thread tonight in the target section just for that.