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Of course remove the front sight assembly…(and while all the guts are out of the gun)

I clamped the action in a padded vice leaving the barrel hanging free.
I then heated the whole shroud tube from the action forward to the muzzle with a propane torch (one you would use for soldering copper pipes). The shroud sits about a 1/2 in into the action so a little extra heat there so it can travel toward the action.

I kept the torch moving back and forth the length of the barrel building heat up…trying to use only what is necessary for the epoxy to soften..
I then would test it by trying to turn/ twist the the fat weight near the muzzle with (cringe) channel locks…heat…test…heat…test…heat..
finanally I got movement at the fat weight and it twisted of rather easily…leaving just the 15 in tube on the barrel…back and forth with heat…test twisting with channel locks very soon the whole thin tube twisted and slid forward and off.
Scary but accuracy testing showed the same literally, single pellet sized hole at 36 ft…no damage done…
This gun was $340 eBay auction beater, rust patina, scarred stock…turns out it’s my fastest one holer yet.
And there was decent blueing on the barrel under the shroud.