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I polish the spring ends with 1200 grit sand paper…can’t be smooth enough…also I’ve used minimal JM moly on the piston ring and a little while later when I’ve opened her up again I’ve had to wipe more moly off the piston…that would further reduce the shot to shot velocity spread.
And yes I’ve over shimmed the breech seal…every gun is different that’s why I have as many as I do/did…that is to select the best…best action, best figured wood…
I did buy an aftermarket stock from JM…old style mini, Himalayan walnut…I’m planning on altering it a little to make a full blown sporter stock.
I “cooked” the shroud weight off one of these 715fps guns (didn’t hurt it a bit) and plan to drop it in the sporter stock with that brushed stainless look…it’ll be while yet but I’ll share pics when done.
Since playing with these 300s…I wonder why I ever messed with barrel cockers and pcps…the 300s do everything I want to do with an airgun…I can’t toute them enough.