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10x I’ve used the thin washers before also …I figured if thin was better than thicker would REALLY be good but I think it caused spring binding because velocity fell off .My personal mini is one of those that no matter what its not gonna go fast .I did a stock on a mini a few weeks ago for a guy who shipped me the entire gun and his was shooting close to 750 .
He asked me to lube it so I tore it down and it had nothing but original parts . I’m with you that no matter what you do some are just gonna chug along like a turtle .
The two things I’ve found so far that help accuracy the most ( besides usual stuff) are VERY little lube on piston , Thanks AZ for finally beating that in my head ….And the springs end . I grind each end on the single springs absolutely flat and polish it with steel buffing wheel .
I’m convinced that the jagged burrs on the ends of some of the after market springs bind on the piston and rear rod …And causes springs to bend and bind in the middle . I had one of JM springs I ground flat and it was still straight after at least 10,000 shots . I had my first one that I didn’t do that to and it was warped in half the time . Could have been a fluke but I’m not chancing it again …The factory 2 piece springs already come flat